Antwon, Wiki and Lil Ugly Mane form Secret Circle, a new underground rap supergroup. Together they release "Satellite,” their second official track as a group. The gritty Shawn Kemp-produced record finds the trio, along with veteran MC Despot, rapping about dying.

Despot rips his verse. "Been waiting too long/You say you gonna kill me, get a move onYou want a new song/Tell 'em to put "Coming Soon" on my tombstone/Ain't worth the shit on your shoes until you gone/Fell out the hearse in the dirt with a suit on," he raps.

Antwon sets the tone early. "Roaches and dirty dishes fill my kitchen/Wish I could see the light at the end/At the age where I can't save my friends/They choose the past, struggle with demons/Just let me say goodbye before they leavin'," he delivers.

Wiki, the former Ratking leader, kills the hook with, "Dig up my hole/Give up my soul/Let me just go into the sky/Getting grown it was just getting high/Getting stoned it was being alive/I'm supposed to get a piece of the pie."

This isn't the first time we've seen Secret Circle put out an official release. They dropped "Keep It Low" last year as a teaser. Hopefully a project from the group is in the works and will see the light of day this year. Until then, bump "Satellite” above.

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