The late Sean Price has a brand new album coming and his new banger, “Definition of God,” is set to be the first single.

Imperius Rex is the title of the late MC's forthcoming project. His new single catches the rapper embodying a god like complex as he spits viciously and portrays himself as one of the greats. The three-minute record continues on as Sean Price warns his competitors to stay away from him.

“Sean Price, King Kong in the place/Big gun watch the bullet bing bong in your face,” Price spits. “Murder the bastard, emergency, surgery, casket/Face reconstruction with the eight heating some/Touch you bad when you hit with the hard hawk/Pain, my knuckles drag when the god walk/I ain’t old school, I ain’t new school/I’m a drop em with that tool that pop out/I’m the shit up in my hood/I had three wishes, I wish that a nigga would/Step to the God, when the God step I step on ya squad/Imperius stretch the best definition of God.”

The rapper was beloved by everyone in the music industry. He passed in 2015, and since then, hip-hop fans from all over have been paying their respects. To close out 2016, Duck Down Records released a box set filled with Price's most memorable albums, Monkey Barz, Jesus Price Supastar and Mic Tyson. The box set also included merch: two Sean Price hoodies, a T-shirt and a pair of sweatpants.

There is no release date as of yet for Sean Price's new album but for the time being, you can listen to his new record "Definition of God" below.

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