Scotty ATL joins in on the fun by dropping his newest track "Blacc Chyna (Dont Get Robb'd)." The record, which is produced by JayeLL, finds Scotty using the Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna controversy as a cautionary tale. "Photogenic bitches they're going to holla for a dolla/Don't get played by the bitch, Blac Chyna," he raps on the hook.

If you haven't been following, earlier this week Rob went on a social media rant about Blac Chyna and even used his Instagram account to post nude pictures of Chyna. The situation seems to be sparked by Chyna cheating on Rob Kardashian. He had a social meltdown and explained that Chyna got into a relationship with him to get back at her ex-fiancé Tyga, who’s dated Rob’s sister Kylie Jenner. The social media tirade was an embarrassing and vile public moment that had Twitter in a frenzy.

Snoop Dogg even chimed in and showed no sympathy for Rob Kardashian's situation. T.I. also gave his two cents, echoing the same feelings as Uncle Snoop.

Bump “Blacc Chyna (Dont Get Robb'd)” below.

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