So apparently, Hennessy mixed with champagne is pretty good. After all, that's the premise of RJ's ""Hennebeeto," the latest offering from his forthcoming Mr. L.A. album. The track also features a guest verse from ScHoolboy Q, so the West coast is at full power on the new song. Listen below.

The track very clearly takes some inspiration from Snoop Dogg's classic anthem "Gin and Juice," as the Swish and Larry J-produced instrumental appears to use the same samples—if not the song itself. The lyrics are totally festive, a sizable departure from RJ's "Brackin," which he just released a video for last week.

In the first verse for the track, RJ brings the feel good vibes on the ill West Coast beat, rapping, "Hop out at the liquor store, down south the corner store/New York, the bodega where you get your party favors/Strap on me plus I got the notes like a car payment/I ain't scared to spend it, fuck a image just to show our language."

ScHoolboy also supplies some positive energy for the song. His verse has a few jabs at lames and anyone who'd come at him sideways, but for the most part, he's just trying to sip some of that special West coast drink.

"I ain't trippin' on blood or crip/If hennebeeto what it is, then fuck it, it's lit/The whip skurt off on 'em, ain't no hoes here, nigga/You on my nuts more than hoes, you the popo, nigga," Q raps on the track.

Check out "Hennebeeto" for yourself below. Mr. L.A. is all set to drop tomorrow (May 26).

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