A few weeks back, Migos' Offset used social media to make a few disparaging remarks about folks who rock upside down crosses. While he didn't mention any one specific rapper, many believed he was speaking on Lil Uzi Vert and SahBabii, who've both been known to rock the somewhat controversial symbol. SahBabii wasn't happy with Offset's remarks and quickly struck back, eventually saying he'd fight the fellow Georgia-based rapper.

In a recent interview with DJ Drama on Shade 45's Streetz Is Watchin radio show, SahBabii once again touched on his conflict with Offset. Apparently, he just doesn't think the Migos rapper should be putting down other people's customs or beliefs.

"I wish I wouldn't never even responded to that because I ain't the type to do all that internet beef. But I feel like he don't need to be speaking down on people. I don't speak on no other religions or nothing like that, so I don't think he should be speaking down on young people," SahBabii says just before reiterating that he had once shown love to Migos.

Elsewhere in the interview, SahBabii, who released an updated version of his S.A.N.D.A.S. track "Purple Ape" just the other day, explained his usage of the infamous 666 sign and his upside down cross. Apparently they're both a good deal more innocuous than they appear—at least while being used by the Atlanta rapper.

"6-6-6: six protons, six electrons and six neutrons, that's what makes up melanin. Us brown-skinned people, we all have melanin in us, and I'm proud to be Black," SahBabii explains.

"The upside down cross is for a ideology I created called Unknownism for seeking the truth," the Warner Bros. Records signee reveals. "We really don't know everything, so it's just the fact that we don't know everything. I really don't know what that cross mean. My ancestors didn't use it. So, we just use that one."

Peep SahBabii's revelatory interview below. The bit about Offset comes in at the 4:03 mark. His explanations of both his use of the 666 symbol and his upside down cross begin at around the 5:35 mark. The remastered version of his breakout mixtape S.A.N.D.A.S. drops this Friday.

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