A couple months removed from returning to the rap world's consciousness with "Then Again," Roscoe Dash pulls up with "Ye's," a smooth TM88-produced banger that evokes images of a trap dessert with its warm flute and bursting percussion.

The new song finds the "Facts" rapper spitting about a life of excess and the ability to court any woman he wants. Topically speaking, it's not too different from many other tracks, but it definitely slaps without feeling forced.

"Dis feel like a win/Been wanting since I was ten/She gon feel this bank/Dancing on her skin/Pulling up in a foreign/Sitting behind the tint/Smoke all in my Ye's/Fogging up my lenses," Roscoe croons a bit on the track.

Getting into the verses, Roscoe dismisses anyone who'd doubt him or lie on his name. He does so in a dismissive way, though, so he doesn't break the laid-back feel of the song.

"These haters gon' sit round and tell you a lie/But I tell you the truth/Just so these niggas can see me/I might lose the roof/I done mastered my roshi/It came with a yoshi," the former XXL Freshman spits on the track.

Check out the latest from Roscoe Dash below.

Roscoe Dash via SoundCloud
Roscoe Dash via SoundCloud

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