One year after dropping Rosebudd's Revenge, Roc Marciano is back with the sequel. On Tuesday (Feb. 27), the New York rapper released his fifth studio album, RR2: The Bitter Dose. "S/o to everyone making great art but this trust me is better than great!!!," Marciano said of the album.

The 14-track project is mainly a solo effort from the "All for It" rapper, although Action Bronson does appear on the song "Corniche," while Knowledge the Pirate makes appearances on "Bohemian Grove" and "Major League."

Production on RR2: The Bitter Dose is handled by Element, Animoss, Don Cee and Marciano himself. The rapper produced nine of the tracks on the album, including the project's final four songs.

As of right now, RR2: The Bitter Dose is only available as a digital download through the rapper's website. "RR2 is available exclusively as a digital download from until (and if) Roc makes it available in other formats," a post on the site reads.

Check out the RR2: The Bitter Dose tracklist below.

Roc Marciano's RR2: The Bitter Dose Album Tracklist

1. "Respected" (Produced by Element)
2. "Tent City" (Produced by Roc Marci)
3. "Bohemian Grove" featuring Knowledge the Pirate (Produced by Animoss)
4. "Corniche" featuring Action Bronson (Produced by Roc Marci)
5. "C.V.S." (Produced by Don Cee)
6. "Saks Fifth" (Produced by Roc Marci)
7. "Major League" featuring Knowledge the Pirate (Produced by Don Cee)
8. "Bedspring King" (Produced by Roc Marci)
9. "The Sauce" (Produced by Roc Marci)
10. "Happy Endings" (Produced by Animoss)
11. "Kill You" (Produced by Roc Marci)
12. "67 Lobby" (Produced by Roc Marci)
13. "Muse" (Produced by Roc Marci)
14. "Power" (Produced by Roc Marci)

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Marci Enterprises LLC

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