In the midst of a battle with his record label, Robb Bank$ "leaked" his latest EP Cloverfield 2.0 on Tuesday (Sept. 22).

On Twitter, Bank$ revealed he was going through label drama, tweeting, "I've been in a label war and its restrained me from dropping new material. This EP is a leak... I was too tired of the fuk shit n lies."

The rapper went on to tweet, "I can be silent anymore... Thank u 2 the ones who never left. I love u 4lyfe by yoside til infinity." He added, "And the ones that turned dey back. #DIE."

Earlier this year, Bank$ announced he had signed to Cash Money Records. His last album, Year of the Savage, was released in 2015. Since then, Bank$ has dropped the mixtapes No Rooftops and C2: Death of My Teenage, while fans wait for his next album, TC2: Falconia. 

As for the rapper's latest project, the four-song EP features the songs "Green Star 'TUH!,'" "Worl Boss Freestyle" and the Russ diss, "Big Perc (F*ck Russ)."

In 2012, XXL spoke to Bank$, who at the time said his goal was "to be the best, always stay true, and not forget where I came from." The rapper added, "Florida made me, and I feel like it's overlooked. All people see when they look at Florida is King of Diamonds and Disney World. I'm not familiar with either."

Listen to Robb Bank$' new EP and check out his tweets about his label below.

Robb Bank$ Cloverfield 2.0 EP Tracklist

1. "Green Star 'TUH!'"
2. "Big Perc (F*ck Russ)"
3. "ILYSM (Snippet)"
4. "Worl Boss Freestyle"

See Robb Banks' Tweets About His Label Situation

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