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Rob $tone just came through with a scorching new remix of "Chill Bill," and he's brought rap game up-and-comers D.R.A.M., Denzel Curry and Cousin Stizz along for the ride. You can check out the new track for yourself down below.

Leading off the remix is Rob $tone himself, who let's us know a few specifics about his smoking habits and that he's kicked his old styrofoam cup to the curb. Next up is D.R.A.M., who switches off between conventional rapping and some of his trademark melodic, sing-song lyrics.

Rounding out the last bit of the remix are hot verses from 2016 XXL Freshman Denzel Curry and the ascendant Boston MC Cousin Stizz. Denzel attacks the instrumental with the song's most energetic flow and some impressive, multi-syllabic rhymes. The self-proclaimed Fresh Prince finishes things off with his typical boasts and lyrics about his enjoyment of his new success.

Rob $tone's remix comes a little over a year after he released the original "Chill Bill," a track that's gotten over 10 million plays since. XXL recently caught up with Rob, and he explained that he owes the song's success to the Internet.

“The Internet was everything because that’s the only place I put [‘Chill Bill’],” he says. “I didn’t do anything but put it on SoundCloud and YouTube and tweet about it a little bit. It didn’t get any blog coverage until I had close to 10 million plays on it. I met with a few labels but I knew RCA was the right fit for me. They’re really artist driven because they care about artistry a lot. My life’s a lot faster and I do some cooler shit. Aside from that, I’m still me, I’m out here flowing with it.”

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