Rick Ross recently opened up about his past as a correctional officer and explained why the job wasn't for him.

Rozay recently sat down for an interview with The Full Send podcast, which aired on Thursday (March 31). During the talk, the Miami rapper was open about his past employment as a C.O. Ross said he worked the job at 20 years old. But it didn't last long.

"I didn't really get to make it to the prison," Ross expounded when pushed for details around the 47-minute mark of the interview. "You have to go through training and all that and I didn't last long. I may have last four months before they said I....You know, I was a little tardy."

"One of my big homies had just got in trouble and a lot of things were going on," Ross said when asked why he got into that job. "He just suggested it."

Rozay says the work wasn't for him because of the physical aspect and the pay, which he admits was $1,000 a month. "Nah, I didn't [like it]," he continued. "Anything you gotta do and you fucking running and jogging and all of that shit. Man, I missed a few days."

He added, "They wanted me to do right. They seen greatness in me. They wanted me to be great, man."

Ross is speaking very candidly on the topic, now. Back in 2007, when a picture of himself wearing a cop's uniform surfaced online along with a rumor that he'd previously worked with law enforcement, it threatened to derail his burgeoning rap career. The Florida-bred rhymer initially denied the claims. But he was forced to come clean after TheSmokingGun.com uncovered documents that showed proof of Ross' employment as a C.O. According to their reporting, Ross worked as a prison guard in Florida from December 1995 until June 1997. At this point in his career, it seems to be water under the bridge.

Check out Rick Ross' full interview on the The Full Send podcast below.

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