It's been a while since we got a new solo joint from Rich Homie Quan. He knows it, and laments the fact by dropping the video for the song "Uh Minute."

The audio for this track was released back in November of 2015 which gives you even more of an indication of RHQ's AWOL status. Produced by Cassius Jay, the song finds the Atlanta MC rap-singing about his absence and what he's been through.

"They say it's been a lil minute since I talked about some real shit that's goin on/Every single minute, every single second everything goin wrong/It's been a lil minute cause I just beat the courts and childsupport/It's been a lil minute cause I gotta lil boys so fast they growin,'" he spits.

In the video, Quan visits his childhood home, where he reminisces about the good ol' days. In another scene he is surrounded by dozens of TVs.

So what's the latest on Quan? After popping off in a major way in 2013 with the hit single "Some Type of Way" and putting out big collabs with Young Thug and Rich Gang, the Atlanta MC has been in a bit of a lull lately. He has yet to release his debut album which is titled Rich in Spirit. He has, however, been working on the project. The last we heard Lil Wayne would be executive producing the LP.

Rich Homie Quan's 2015 single “Flex (Ooh, Ooh, Ooh)” made waves on the radio but he has admitted that isn't his flavor anymore. “It wasn’t my favorite. My best may not be your favorite song," he said during an interview with United Kingdom’s Acton Entertainment. "It’s what the people want. And I can’t run away from what the people want.”

Will we get a different Quan on the debut? Stay tuned.

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