Raz Simone unleashes a new track called "Trapanese." The Seattle artist flows for nearly four minutes over a haunting, head-bobber of an instrumental.

Raz says the record is directed toward people who truly don't understand his way of life. If you don't have all the info, don't talk to him. He spits, "If you don't speak no Trapanese, you cannot talk to me / You need to know the power of a dollar, man this shit ain't cheap / We up early in the morning, no I didn't get to sleep / Ain't a thing in this life free, you better get it 'fore you leave."

The rising artist tells XXL, "A lot of people don't understand all the work and sacrifices it takes to move how I move, yet they still want to speak. Trapanese is a language attached to a way of life so I'm saying if you're not living anywhere near the way I'm living then you don't speak my lingo and you definitely can't understand me."

He continues, "I don't want to understand you, so don't talk to me. My real ones will understand and appreciate this shit."

In case you missed it, check out Simone's previous release called "Slide." On that record, the West Coast artist raps about committing crimes with his boys. On the chorus, Raz spits, “I hop out with that shit / we don’t drive-by, nigga / I do anything for them, ‘cuz that’s my niggas.” On one of his verses, Raz rhymes, “My momma said just don’t die / I tell her I’m in God’s hands / She knows I don’t slide unless I need to / She knows that it’s bad.”

"Trapenese" and "Slide" are just snippets of what's to come for the Seattle rhymespitter. He's currently preparing his forthcoming project, so be on the lookout for that. Until then, you can listen to "Trapanese" above via SoundCloud.

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