Quavo, Travis Scott and Lil Uzi Vert are going to be a major part of the next Fast & Furious film's soundtrack. In a new interview, songwriter Breyan Isaac revealed that the trio of rappers will be featured on the theme song for the eighth installment of the hit movie franchise.

"There’s a song coming out with Lil Uzi Vert, Travis Scott and Quavo (from the group, Migos) that’s going to be the theme song for Fast & Furious 8," Isaac told Songwriter Universe. "That will be a single out in March, or close to when the movie comes out in April."

Travis Scott's involvement in The Fate of the Furious soundtrack adds to his already busy slate. The Texas native is also working on his Astroworld LP and the G.O.O.D. Music compilation Cruel Winter. That hectic schedule is all the more impressive when considering Scott's daily struggles, which he discussed in XXL's most recent cover story.

“I rage out, man, every day, ’cause I’m trying to achieve that goal,” he said. “Breaking down, man, that’s a hard thing to do. It kinda got me to this point now, man, just like, staying focused and breaking through whatever I feel. It’s been times where I’m pulling at my hair and just like… sticking my fucking foot in that muthafucka. And if somebody tell me no? I just make a fucking way, man. That’s just how it’s been like…forever.”

Make sure to check out XXL's entire story on Travis Scott if you have not already. The "Pick Up the Phone" rapper reflects on the mental health of Kanye West and Kid Cudi and describes his mindset heading into the Astroworld album.

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