It's been over seven months since Prodigy passed away, but the hip-hop community is still mourning the heartbreaking loss. Before his sudden death last year, A$ton Matthews got the opportunity to work with the late Mobb Deep rapper in the studio, and now he's releasing the collaboration, titled "One Minute to Pray."

The Jay Curry-produced song features the two hip-hop heads delivering some gritty street tales over the smooth instrumental. With the record featuring one of Prodigy's last verses recorded before his passing, fans will be pleased to dive into his hardcore bars.

"I am the danger you worry bout/I'm the type your father told you not to hang around," Prodigy raps. "I'm the type yo mama told you, 'Be cautious'/Now you hidin' in you crib scared and you nauseous/I find out where you live, that shit gettin' torched/I don't give a fuck who in it, it's your fault."

Matthews also laces the track with some heated rhymes, as the West Coast spitter mourns the loss of companions who have been unfortunately taken by either the system or put in the dirt.

"The land of the free, the home of the brave'll have the homies gone in the cave, and most in the grave." Matthews rhymes. "Now push it/We ain't never took that shit lightly/But you can bet we flipped your bitch nightly."

A$ton has become a prolific breakout artist within the last year, and his latest Pi'erre Bourne-produced record, "Brazy," has made a lot of noise within his fan base and the hip-hop community. Supporters are still waiting for Aston's Chapovelli, which they can hopefully expect sometime in the near future.

Take a listen to the new record from A$ton Matthews and Prodigy in the stream below.

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