You can always stick around in hip-hop if you truly love the culture. Prodigal Sunn is a Brooklyn rapper who came up with the Wu-Tang Clan; RZA is his cousin, so the bond is natural. Spending decades in the rap world, releasing projects and forming the Wu-Tang affiliate Sunz of Man, Prodigal Sunn knows his way around the game. Around this time last year, he dropped his "You" video. Now, he has his upcoming album, Redeemed, dropping Dec. 11, with a new video for the title track that premieres right here on XXL.

The Big Lyrik Entertainment-directed video starts with Prodigal Sunn getting ready at home, making sure to put his grills in before he leaves the crib. He heads out around the city with a friend and ends up at the beach. Sunn spits with the water as his backdrop and continues on with his day.

In the beginning of his first verse, Prodigal Sunn rhymes about looking forward to a new day: "The sun rise, me eyes open, I'm now awoken/The after of flowin' play a part, then the gifts are chosen/It's all a part of knowin', Sunny from the R has spoken."

Later on, he explains how he's remained so grounded throughout the years. "Living life, remaining balanced, stay forever growin'/Feelin' lovely, summer time, breezin' off the ocean/I'm in the sand makin plans, playing different notions," he delivers.

According to Prodigal Sunn himself, the visual is about how inner peace can help others and yourself. "The video was inspired by change, redemption & new beginnings in my life," he shares. "It begins with me playing my part, so I can receive my blessings and all that my life has to offer. Living a balanced life. Most importantly, what we are missing as the human family, which is genuine love for one another. We need more of that in the world."

Keep an eye out for Prodigal Sunn to drop more music and clothing line updates, along with a Orodigal Sunn and Sunz of Man tour. Firing on all cylinders.

Check out the "Redeemed" video below.

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