Pop Smoke's murder trial is reportedly delayed after one of his alleged killers couldn't agree to a plea deal.

Pop Smoke Murder Trial Delayed

On Friday (June 21), Rolling Stone reported that Pop Smoke's alleged killer Corey Walker will receive a new trial date after plea deal negotiations fell apart. Jury selection was set to begin this week, but if a plea deal can't be agreed upon, it will now begin on Aug. 6.

"Negotiations fell through. But there’s still a possibility we’ll come to an agreement," Walker's lawyer Deion Benjamin told RS. "A few things need to be ironed out. If they don’t get resolved, we’ll go to trial.”

Walker is the only one to still face legal ramifications following Pop Smoke's murder in a Hollywood Hills home four years ago. A 15-year-old previously confessed to being the trigger man during a home invasion in February of 2020. He was tried in a juvenile court and will remain at a juvenile detention facility until he's 25.

Additionally, it is rumored that another one of Smoke's killers, King Vermont Raskel, was also released this week after serving four years in a juvenile facility. This has not been confirmed.

XXL has reached out to Corey Walker's attorney for comment.

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Amelia Rose Speaks About Night Pop Smoke Is Killed

Pop Smoke was shot and killed on Feb. 19, 2020. The trial update comes after a woman named Amelia Rose, who was with Pop Smoke at the time of his death, spoke about the harrowing night three men broke into the rented Hollywood Hills home back in February.

In an interview with We TV's Hip Hop Homicides back in 2022, Rose said she recalled Pop was heading up to the bathroom when the men broke in and murdered him.

“Pop said he was going upstairs," Rose said. "I’m sitting on the bed and I’m starting to take off my clothes, and he said, ‘OK, I’ll come back,’” she recalled. “He was going to the restroom and so these were his last words."

She said one of the killers even waved a gun in her face. "This moment, it was like a couple seconds and I hear the noise. The guy was in the mask and his gun was like… 'Look at me,' you know? His eyes made me so scared. They run to the restroom. Pop screamed, 'What?!'"

Pop Smoke was 20 years old at the time of his death.

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