PnB Chizz, real name Charles Williams, is a part of PnB Rock's crew and is beginning to make some noise. The newcomer from Philadelphia drops his newest track "You Missed Ya Wave," which is produced by JoeyFuturistic. The track is pretty catchy and finds Chizz rapping about a girl he wanted when he was growing up but didn't gave him any play until he started poppin'.

"Missed ya wave is basically me finally getting the girl I grew up thinking was the shit that played me time and time again," he said through email. "But now she sees my glow and wants to shine with me but I'm focused now [and] I ain't got the time; money over bitches, you had your chance you blew it."

Originally born in Voorhees, N. J., Chizz moved to a small house in the Germantown section in Philly when he was young. He began rapping at seven years old and as time passed, linked with PnB Rock. His last project was #HU3, a 19-track tape that was released last year.

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