Pill has more than the "Trap Goin' Ham" these days. Since gracing XXL's 10 Freshmen for '10 cover last year, the Atlanta native has kept his buzz going by releasing 1140: The Overdose this past June. Big Boi of OutKast noticed. The two ATLiens recently formed a group together. Rick Ross took notice as well, and inked Pill to his Maybach Music Group/Warner imprint in February. XXL caught up with Pill and chopped it up about his signing to Maybach Music Group, —Nicole Lopresti

XXL: How’s everything been with the signing?

Pill: Been a non-stop grind even before the news broke. That just added gasoline to the fire.

XXL: How did the process happen?

Pill: It had been in the works for a little second, it basically we just put our heads together and got everything ironed out.

XXL: Were you a fan of the rest of the Maybach Music roster?

Pill: Yeah, I mean I’m a fan of all of their music. It’s an honor to be on the same label as those guys, cause they’re true spitters and they’re real hip-hop. You’ve got Meek and Wale, and man, he’s a poet. It’s always good to have the official spirits in the game to carry that torch you’ve got street niggas, you’ve got Rozay. So you combine all that and you’ve got the hardest shit going right now.

XXL: What do you bring to the label?

Pill: I bring a reality. I bring that reality back. I paint pictures out of the hood. My music is complimenting their style. I like to document all the shit I’ve been through and I don’t think anybody can do that better than me. Ain't no raw MC in the game that’s rawer than me. I documented my shit. Whatever I rapped about I showed it to you. When you’ve got that much credibility, there ain’t anyone else with that much credibility. When you’ve got somebody that raw and that intelligent that can touch on all angles and come from every side with it and be able to clarify it and also be able to give you stories, whatever angle it may be, it’s a true testimony. If I’m on a track with Ross or whoever it may be I can switch to any subject. It’s always going to be clarity with me. I think I bring more versatility than any other artist in the game.

XXL: What are you working on right now, still in ATL recording?

Pill: Yeah, I’m in Atlanta right now. I’m excited to work though. I’m still recording the EP getting that together with the recent venture me and Rozay just knocked out a couple joints, Wale a couple of joints, so I can include them in the projects.

XXL: What’s the name?

Pill: The Diagnosis.

XXL: Do you have a release date?

Pill: Nah,not yet. Either mid-spring or early summer.

XXL: Let’s talk about your group with Big Boi.

Pill: Yeah, I have a group with Big Boi and Killer Mike. It was just three wizards that just decided to hook up and destroy shit. I almost feel bad for everyone else. It’s a miracle that it’s us three. I stand by that. Whoever want it can get it. Everybody wants to form a crew and we got one. We’ll see how everybody else feel about that, were about to bring back the South, there’s too much watered down shit. They’re representing the A right now, which isn’t bad cause you need that but you’ve got the three of us. The veterans with Big Boi and Killer Mike. Revolutionary shit is about to take place. [The] revolution will be televised and broadcasted on high volume airwaves.