Phresher is one of New York's own, always pushing to better himself and continuing to make moves in his career. His latest is the video for  "Teamwork," a collaboration between him, Derez De'Shon and Philthy Rich. This track is also the lead single from Phresher's debut album, PH.

The visual starts with Phresher, rapping alone in a dark room. Mixed in with a few outside shots, the scene changes to a high school gym, complete with a basketball team. A game breaks out, and the video reveals itself as using sports as a metaphor for loyalty. Derez De'Shon and Philthy Rich eventually appear, sharing their verses that fit the song perfectly.

Phresher's verse is personal, revealing what happens when you realize that a lot of people will only stick with you when it's advantageous. "You wasn't around, I was down on my luck/Now every day I be countin' it up," he spits, remembering that he's living in much better days now. "Screaming your name and they proud of you, huh/These niggas only be down when you up."

Things have been going well for Phresher as of late, as he was featured on Eminem's track "Chloraseptic." The opportunity came through Royce 5'9" and significantly raised his profile. More than likely, more success and opportunity awaits Phresher, and he still has his new album PH on the way.

Watch Phresher's new video for "Teamwork" below.

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