Balancing music releases and keeping fans happy with consistent music is a tough balancing act for artists. For OG Maco, he'd rather make sure his supporters aren't neglected by releasing his third OG Maco 3 project.

Before putting out his OG Maco album on July 7, OG Maco decided to put these six songs together as something to hold his fans over. At the end of April, he pulled a similar move with the new song "Off." OG Maco 3 features production from Zaytoven, BLVCK DOLPHIN, Free Desiel and CashMoneyAP. G.U.N. and Warhols make two appearances while Uno The Activist contributes one verse. The tracks are generally hype with fast paced hi-hats. It's a step in a new direction from his older tracks like "U Guessed It" and his joint project with Key!, Give Em HellThe release date for that song and project is being celebrated this year with OG's self-titled album.

In the SoundCloud description, he claims "The Duke of Summer is back!" Along with Calvin Harris and DJ Khaled, OG Maco is getting in on the summer anticipation of new music.

OG Maco has also kept busy by voicing his opinion on Logic's new album and even recording a response track to the flak he received for his opinions and musical style. He also released an album, Children of the Rage, earlier this March.

You can listen to OG Maco 3 below.

OG Maco's OG Maco 3 Tracklist

1. "From Atlanta" (prod. by BLVCK DOLPHIN & Zaytoven)
2. "OG MAC" Feat. Uno The Activist (prod. by BLVCK DOLPHIN)
3. "Porch" Feat. (prod. by CashMoneyAP)
4. "8ft" Feat. (prod. by Free Diesel)
5. "Shit 4 Shit" Feat. G.U.N. (prod. by BLVCK DOLPHIN)
6. "Ricky Too" Feat. G.U.N. (prod. by BLVKC DOLPHIN)

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