Migos member Offset has been arrested for the second time this year for possession of marijuana, according to TMZ

The Atlanta rapper was pulled over late last night (March 30) by Chattahoochee, Ga. police and nabbed for having under an ounce of weed in his car and driving with a suspended license. That second charge is the same thing he got busted for earlier this year, but it was later revealed that the arrest was a mistake. 

According to the report on his last arrest, a court clerk told TMZ that Offset was still issued a new ticket for the tinted windows despite being mistakenly arrested for driving with a suspended license. Offset’s lawyer says the ticket has already been tossed out.

Offset can't be happy with this frustrating situation. The “Fight Night” rapper had to spend eight months in prison last year after he was denied bail on three different occasions. All three members of Migos were arrested last April before a scheduled performance at Georgia Southern University. Quavo and Takeoff were able to get released on bond, but Offset was denied. He would remain in jail until December.

This latest arrest backs up Quavo's claim that hip-hop cops are putting extra pressure on the Atlanta trio. "They always messing with us, they don’t give us room to breath. Y’all see it y’all self,” said Quavo earlier this week.

“We just here to do our job. I know you see this ice,” he continued, showing off a blinged-out timepiece. [We] got your daughter and sh-t dabbing. Got your mama and sister dabbing. Just leave us alone.”

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