NLE Choppa and his crew were seemingly searched by police recently, and it was all documented on the Memphis rapper's Instagram Live stream.

It is unclear when the incident occurred, but a recording of the rapper's live stream of the incident was uploaded to YouTube on Monday (July 15). The four-minute clip opens up with Choppa looking at the camera with a less-than-pleased facial expression before he flips the camera around to show multiple officers standing around with multiple members of his crew sitting on the floor, seemingly being detained.

"Look at this shit, fool," says Choppa, who recently sat down with XXL for an episode of Who Am I? "The fuck!"

The video then goes dark, but the audio was still recording. At one point, you can hear the rapper explain to an officer what "NLE" stands for ("It's a rap group—No Love Entertainment") to which the officer responded, "It ain't that. I don't trust ya, man. But sometimes ya miss stuff."

Later there is some laughter during a conversation with an officer asking for names, so it appears that things weren't as tense as they could have been.  It is unclear as of press time what sparked the incident and what the outcome was, but Choppa himself used his Instagram story to say he and his crew were all good.

You can view the video of NLE Choppa for yourself below. XXL has reached out to his team for comment.

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