Nicki Minaj hasn't released new music in quite a while, so it's no surprise that she sounds more than a little eager to remind folks just who rap's Queen Bee really is on her new track, "The Pinkprint Freestyle." You can listen to Nicki's scorching new freestyle above.

"The Pinkprint Freestyle" sees the "Starships" performer attacking Young M.A's "OOOUUU" instrumental as she returns to her roots as a lyricist. She begins the freestyle with a shoutout to Weezy, who signed her to Young Money almost a decade ago. The next thing you know, she's spitting the same sort of venom that made her one of the biggest names in rap.

"He say my ride game smoother than a Muslanne," Nicki raps toward the end of her first verse. "Every time they count me out I be like, 'You sane?/Bitch I come back like Jordan in his flu game," she continues.

Nicki has no qualms about throwing more shade at her doubters, and she does just that as her freestyle goes on. "Yo, don't ever talk about Nicki in the past-tense/Unless I fly past that ass in the fast Bent," she raps. "Fuck outta here you dumb bitch/You know I'm pretty, and I'm witty, and I'm dumb rich." Sheesh!

Nicki doesn't stop there, either. "The Pinkprint Freestyle" stretches on for over six minutes. We honestly want to quote the whole song, but we have a feeling you'll be seeing the lyrics in tweets and Instagram captions in no time. "The Pinkprint Freestyle" shows that Nicki isn't to be messed with, as if we didn't already know that.

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