Has Drake joined the billionaire rapper's club? Nicki Minaj might have spilled the beans.

On Tuesday (Aug. 9), Nicki Minaj shared a video on her Instagram Story where she appears to be on the tarmac at an airport with a big blue plane in front of her. While giving commentary, the Queen MC appears to reveal that her former label mate is a billionaire.

"This is what happens when you got a rich—I'm sorry, a very rich—a very rich, rich, rich rich, Canadian friend," Nick Minaj says in the video while getting a full view of the side of the aircraft. "Who is the only billionaire I know that don't want people to know he a billionaire. I get it, but alright."

It's worth noting the plane in the video does not appear to be Drake's massive jet, the "Air Drake." So, there is a chance Nicki is talking about some other extremity wealthy friend she has who hails from the Great White North.

Drake is one of music's biggest streaming artists of all time. He also owns a liquor company, Virginia Black and holds a minority stake in the restaurant chain Dave's Hot Chicken. He is an investor in Daring Foods Inc. and has a lucrative deal with Nike.

A few months ago, a list of highest-paid hip-hop stars ranked Drake at No. 4, saying he'd earned $50 million in 2021. Drake appeared to scoff at the amount by putting a crying laughing emoji in the comment section of a Instagram blog announcing the ranking.

Earlier this year, it was revealed that Drake recently signed a new record contract with Universal Music Group that is estimated to be worth $400 million. Money is clearly not an object to the Honestly, Nevermind rapper, who recently purchased a $75 million home on Los Angeles.

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