Gillie Da Kid and Wallo267 are going viral for a resurfaced interview featuring former NFL player Tony "The Closer" Robinson detailing the story of how his girlfriend cheated on him with Meek Mill.

The clip popped up on Daily Loud's Twitter account on Sunday (Oct. 9) and has gone viral, with people laughing at Gillie Da Kid and Wallo267's reactions to Tony Robinson disclosing that Meek Mill was the reason his girlfriend cheated.

The initial video comes from episode 61 of Gillie and Wall267's Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast called "Meek Mill F*cked My B*tch," which premiered on YouTube in May of 2020. On the episode, guest Tony Robinson, who is a former NFL player-turned-real estate guru, talks about how he found out that his girlfriend was cheating on him in 2017, with an unknown person from Philadelphia.

According to Tony's story, he was suspicious of his girlfriend's reaction after he asked her if he could borrow her cell phone to make a call to AT&T so they could repair his own phone. Later, unbeknownst to his girlfriend, he decided to look through her phone. "It's the unwritten rule, man, you don't go through nobody's phone," Tony told Gillie and Wallo. "’Cause if you go through that jawn, you gonna see something you don't wanna see."

He soon discovered that his girlfriend was sending nudes to someone with a phone number with a Philly area code, and it wasn't his. After doing some more digging, Tony soon found out that the girlfriend—who is now his ex-girlfriend—was cheating on him with none other than Dreams and Nightmares creator Meek Mill.

"I go through the jawn, and I'm scrolling through the shit. And I see who she's texting... There ain't many niggas I listen to from Philly... You can do some deductive reasoning and figure out. Hottest nigga in Philly... Meek fucked my bitch, bruh."

Gillie and Wallo267's reactions to Tony's story are hilarious with the duo falling out with laughter over Meek scooping up another man's chick. According to Gillie, the "I'm a Boss" rapper is infamous for taking down O.P.P.s.

Despite Meek Mill stealing his now-former girlfriend, Tony harbors no hate for the Philly rhymer.

On Twitter, Tony retweeted the Daily Loud's clip and made it clear that his prior situation happened with his ex-girlfriend not his current ladylove.

"My old girl not my new one tho," he tweeted with several tears of joy emojis to represent his laughter over the video going viral.

When a fan wrote, "This is SAD man," Tony responded, "Ain’t nothing sad girls get hit everyday I just kept it [100] [man shrugging emoji][.]"

Another person came to the defense of Tony, tweeting, "Everyone else clowning dude, but as far as I can tell he good with this [man shrugging emoji]. He's obviously moved on cause he knows 'she belongs to the streets!' Y'all can cry for him! Lol[.]"

Tony replied, "I’m rich and so is my new woman who is loyal never took a Loss [man shrugging emoji]."

It's good to see Tony Robinson has recovered from being cheated on and doesn't feel too bad about it.

Watch Million Dollaz Worth of Game Podcast Episode 61: "Meek Mill F*cked My B*tch" at the 21-Minute Mark Below

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