Back in the summer, XXL introduced you to Nessly via The Break. Now, the Atlanta rapper returns with a new EP called Solo Boy Band.

The project includes nine tracks with production handled by the likes of Wondagurl, Mathaius Young and Take a Daytrip. The EP features plenty of Auto-Tune, which is a trademark of Nessly's work. Nessly told XXL that he actually tried to make music without Auto-Tune before, but it just did not feel right.

"What they really don’t know about me is that I really tried to take a stab at doing the real conscious rap for a good six months to a year span," Nessly said. "And, it was just not me. I went right back to picking up the Auto-Tune. I started doing Auto-Tune, even when I was 12. My first song had Auto-Tune on it. This is 2007, before the wave. It was a commercial wave, but independent artist-wise, no one was really using Auto-Tune. It’s either they didn’t know how to get to it or when they started recording it didn’t sound how they expected it to sound ’cause they wanted to sound like Lil Wayne or Kanye West’s 808s & Heartbreak."

Check out the tracklist and SoundCloud stream for Nessly's new EP below.

Nessly's Solo Boy Band Tracklist

1. "Never Knew"
2. "Regular"
3. "Focus'
4. "Catch a Vibe"
5. "LSDSkiTrip
6. "Riot Riot Riot"
7. "Moonwalking"
8. "Twisted Love"
9. "We Lost Faith

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