To kick off his 2018, Nef The Pharaoh drops not one but two new songs.

Nef's first track, "Bussin'," was released through Adult Swim's Singles Program. Produced by M.A. the pilot, the song finds Nef rapping over synth stabs, claps and a flute. "Bitch, I been bussin' I'm a thousand fuck a hundred/Never been stingy, I let my brother hold somethin'," he raps on the track.

The rapper's second song, "Big Boss Chang," sees Nef going hard over a haunting beat. "Big Boss Chang, I'ma self-made nigga/Bitch I got kids, I ain't finna play with ya/Fuck a Wesley Snipes, I am not a Blade nigga," he spits.

"Bussin'" and "Big Boss Chang" will both be featured on Nef's upcoming project, Big Chang Theory. In a 2017 interview with XXL, the Bay Area rapper said the forthcoming record would serve as his album, while the already released Chang Project would hold fans over.

Nef also revealed the most valuable piece of advice he's received from E-40, telling us the West Coast legend told him to always remain positive. "Every day is a weekend and every weekend is a day," said Nef. "That might go past a lot of people's heads, but what I got in my brain from that message was that you don’t know how fast everything can be gone. You can just walk outside the door and drop dead, you know?"

"So leave something on this earth that’s going to leave a positive impact," he added. "Nothing negative. All the negativity should be out the window. Just being a positive human being. Always staying hungry. Always staying humble. That's what 40 teaches me every day with being in his presence."

Listen to both of Nef The Pharaoh's new songs below.

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