YoungBoy Never Broke Again is following up his apparent NLE Choppa diss track with another piece of aggressive content.

This afternoon (Jan. 19), Instagram user mgng10x posted a photo of YoungBoy laying on a carpeted floor with a wad of cash in his hand. Next to him is written, "You n***as gone die," in $100 bills.

The user, who goes by the name Ben 10, is one of Top's closest associates under the Never Broke Again umbrella. While it is widely speculated that he and YoungBoy are related—whether through a cousin or brother relation—it has yet to be confirmed. According to Ben 10's Instagram, he's a model.

You can see the photo Ben 10 posted of YoungBoy at the bottom of this post.

This follows the "Make No Sense" rapper's most recent single, "Know Like I Know," in which he appears to throw multiple shots at NLE Choppa.

"I bet your mama be destroyed," he begins on the track. "When we send your stupid ass to God/For makin' statements, choosing sides/About my beef with them lil' boys/I could say I saw it, you could say I was your favorite/Better stay up in your place, bitch/Fuck around and get your face split any day."

The "choosing sides" bar seems to be in response to Choppa cosigning a tweet from Lil Reese, which claimed Top isn't doing anything special or out of the ordinary in his music, he's "just rapping like the rest of these rappers all rap."

He goes on to seemingly take a shot at Choppa's herbal lifestyle and beliefs: "I don't give a fuck ’bout how you treat your body, give a fuck about your cleaning."

YoungBoy also mentions his ex-girlfriend Yung Blasian. Choppa reportedly dated Blasian after she and YoungBoy parted ways. "Better ask Blasian about me," he spits.

The song appears to be in response to the recent fight Choppa got into with an apparent YoungBoy fan. It remains unclear what sparked the altercation in the first place.

YoungBoy's latest mixtape, Colors, is expected to drop this Friday (Jan. 21).

See the photo of YoungBoy Never Broke Again laying next to the harsh message spelled out with $100 bills below.

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