Brittni Mealy, the mother of one of Future's children, has called out the rapper for sending a vile text message to their 8-year-old son.

On Tuesday evening (Aug. 10), Brittni, owner of her Unicorn Universe brand, shared a text message via her Instagram Story that the Atlanta artist allegedly sent to their son Prince, referring to Brittni as a "hoe." The specific text said, "Your mother is a hoe!" after the young child asked his father to buy him some new clothes. The IG Story post has since been deleted. You can see it at the bottom of this post.

In a follow-up message, Brittni accused Future of getting a refund on their son's school clothes and labeled the rhymer petty because she apparently doesn't wish to be sexually active with him. Brittni claims she merely wants to coparent their child.

"Definitely not cap!" she typed. "TF I got to lie for you said it definitely your # and his so stand on it and pipe down if u dont want these recordings posted! On gawd you said it they need to cancel you. Cruelty to children! Haven't seen him in 3 month but in the same state I can keep going! Got a refund on his school clothes today! Petty cause someone don't wanna be sexually active with you and just want to coparent!! I have been sooooo nice and calm I'm tired now!!! But I'm chill! I do not play about my kids! I'm a mother first and always go stand up for mine!"

In the midst of Brittni Mealy sounding off about Future's alleged disrespect towards herself and their child, the "Life Is Good" rhymer tweeted, "Pray for Her," resulting in him trending on social media.

Future's mom, Stephanie Jester, hopped on IG as well, suggesting prayers be made for self-love. Jester didn't name anyone specifically in her post, but some people on social media felt her message was directed towards Brittni.

"It's sad when ppl can't get their way so they turn to social media for attention," she said. "No matter how much you give a person it's never enough. We have to really pray for self-love because ppl take it out on everyone else."

Brittni appears to have responded to the subliminal message without directly name-dropping either.

She expressed: "Lady be quiet you barely raise him take several [chair emoji] aren't you the person behind closed doors said he was wrong to your grandson and you going to talk to his dad and pick his stuff up tomorrow ... but publicly take his side you part of the problem this man a product of your household apple dont fall far from the tree!"

Brittni added: "When my kids get 40 I'm staying out they business," later writing, "You don't know what is going on stay out a almost 40 year old man business pathetic talking bout self love he don't have none cause of you he treat women this way cause of you 11 12 kids 11 12 moms can't keep a relationship true narcissists! But you talking bout self love! Girl shut up!"

Brittni Mealy and Future have been at odds in the past, particularly via social media, with Brittni alleging that Future told their son he was going to harm her last December. The incident apparently happened around Prince's 7th birthday.

Last May, however, Hendrix shared a kind tweet about Brittni on Mother's Day, thanking her for holding their son down.

Future was also trending topic just a couple of months ago when he called out his ex-girlfriend, Lori Harvey, on a song with 42 Dugg called "Maybach."

See some social media reactions to the situation between Brittni Mealy and Future below.

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