Back in the day, rappers used to start beef on the radio, surprisingly calling each other out and making bold claims strategically over the air waves. Now-a-days, MCs use Instagram to reveal tensions, making things happen way more frequently and much more unplanned. Before, rappers would seek media outlets to expose an enemy but in the present time, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat are the main vessels of beef transit.

Instagram is the most used tool called upon in hip-hop to start drama. 50 Cent is one of the most active initiators. Beefing with everyone from P. Diddy over their competing alcohol beverages to telling Rick Ross he's selling t-shirts of his bare body, 50 is one of the most sought out rappers on the social network. 50 has engaged in countless IG spats over the years and many more are likely on the horizon. Sadly, he's done with IG for now though. “I’m done with IG after tonight, someone else will operate it for me,” announced Fif the other day.

Other memorable Instagram beefs include Ghostface Killah's brutal attack on Action Bronson, The Game's endless jabs at 40 Glocc, Cam'ron's #KarenCivilIsALiar, and The Game vs. Young Thug. Luckily, although some of these beefs have lead to the courtroom, none of them have lead to any physical harm.

Take a look at some of the Instagram posts that have kick-started some of present day hip-hop's most prominent beefs, and get a better understanding of what exactly went down in the gallery above.

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