Mod Sun heads out on the frontier with Machine Gun Kelly and Blackbear in the music video for their track, "Shoot Em Down." Presented by TalkBoy TV, the cinematic visual sees Mod Sun being apprehended and shot by Machine Gun Kelly in front of his lady. Cowboy boots, scorpions, and snakes all make appearances as Mod Sun and MGK act out the plot, which takes place in a rural area with mountain views.

Blackbear, who tackles the song's hook, doesn't make an appearance in the video, but his vocals are very present as he croons "I shoot 'em down with a peace sign/Shoot 'em down like bang, bang." Mod Sun delivers his opening verse while employing a double-time flow, rapping "Still that h-i-double p-y, they can probably see why/I'm just having these having these sort of divine/When I put the letters together, it starts realigning/Then I shoot 'em down with a peace sign," and surfing over the rollicking, guitar-laden soundbed.

Machine Gun Kelly plays the villain in the video, but turns in a heroic performance with his guest appearance with lines like "Inspiration, medication/That is all I needed in my life's equation/Only two things that I will not do/Watch my back and watch my language," serving as motivation for those that live by their own rules.

Mod Sun, who was the brainchild behind the conceptual visual, gives his own description of the plot, writing, “From the first moment I started making this song with Machine Gun Kelly + Blackbear, I envisioned a mini western movie unraveling. So myself and talkboy TV created a tale of two lovers who are torn away from each other by a pack of bandits. I embark on a journey through the desolate desert sands of Joshua Tree, determined to save my love from the clutches of psychotic bandits holding her captive...but my optimistic bravery takes a turn for the worst when I find myself staring down the barrel of a gun. As I take my last breath + embrace my obvious demise...Machine Gun Kelly comes riding in on a horse—and things begin to Look Up”

The music for "Shoot 'Em Down" brings Mod Sun's vision to life and is a captivating look that mirrors the mood of the song to a tee.

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