Cinematic Records' Mobsquad Nard is back with new music, this time linking up with Killa Keys for a new song "Still Plugged."

Over loud horns and booming drums, Nard and Keys rap about the drug game. The song was originally dropped as a video teaser, only heard in the beginning of Nard's "Right Ni" video. But due to fans' positive responses, Nard decided to release the new song.

"Everybody been askin' me to drop it," he said through email. "It’s crazy to see the fans reachin' out to let me know how much they fucks wit it."

"You niggaz standin round, im tryna flip dat money til my fingers tired i move bands around, so my hands dirty but da bills paid, bitch fuck me cuz da crib laid when i was dead broke still solid nigga ni im plugged in and i got it nigga" Mobsquad Nard raps.

"Still Plugged" is off of Nard's upcoming project, Nardo Da'Vinci, which is coming soon. The project features guest appearances from Lil Boosie, G Herbo and The MobSquad.

The Duval, Fla. native released his debut mixtape, Everything Clean But Da Ashtray, last year. Nard signed with Johnny Shipes’ Cinematic in 2015, and has been building momentum for this moment ever since. “[I’m] the next Master P,” he told XXL for The Break. “We going to open up this whole new can of worms. I’m finna to bust the door down like a real Mob leaders.”

Bump "Still Plugged" below.

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