In a recent interview, Memphis Bleek opened up about all the love and respect he has for his big homie Jay Z. In many ways he looks at him as more of a big brother or an uncle. He always looked out for Bleek and kept him out of trouble.

Bleek reminisced on the first day he rhymed for Jay and how not to long afterward the rapper handed him a piece of paper to memorize some lyrics. Those rhymes on the sheet of paper would later serve as his first feature on Jay’s song “Coming of Age.”

“He wrote it. He had it already written. I was all Jay plan,” said Bleek. "Remember, come on I was 14, 15 years old. You think them was my vision then?”

In addition to admitting that Jay ghostwrote his first rhymes, Bleek spoke on having the opportunity to work on Jay’s debut album Reasonable Doubt. At the time he said he was so caught up in making money than the album. He said, “if it would have known that this would be the outcome of everything I would have prepared a lot better.”