Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj's relationship is over. But whether he likes it or not, the Philly rapper will be connected to the Young Money artist until the internet decides to let it be over. Meek was recently spotted by a TMZ cameraman and asked about his former boo, when things went a little left.

Nicki's house was recently broken into, with burglars making off with $200,000 worth of jewelry. The celebrity gossip site's mole presumably asks Meek if he had anything to do with the robbery when he responds, "Do it look like I rob people? I got bout $450[K] on my neck. 'Bout $80[K] on the wrist. Do it look like I rob people?," he says showing off his shines.

When the man asks directly if he's had any contact with Nicki since the split, Meek ends the conversation with the quip, "You asking too many fucking questions about my personal life," before rolling up the window.

Meek has been the subject of Twitter jokes this past week after his former girl and current nemesis, Drake, reunited in an Instagram picture after seemingly not talking for the past year and change due to the the Meek and Aubrey beef.

Even The Game took the opportunity to put in his two cents about the situation, reposting the picture, along with a caption that uses lyrics from Drizzy's "Back to Back." “Twenty 6 SAVAGE ‘I don’t wanna hear about this ever again, not even when she tell em that we better as friends,'” he wrote.

In related news, Meek's DC 4.5 should be dropping soon.

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