Eminem, T.I. and Nas were close to being No Limit artists. In a recent interview with HipHopDX, Master P said that the three rap legends were among artists that reached out to him years ago. "Anybody you can think of called me for advice or thinking 'What can I do to get with No Limit,'" he said. "From Eminem, to T.I. to anybody you could think of, we done had that conversation where they wanted to be with No Limit. It was sad, but [2Pac] was thinking 'What could I do?' Same thing with Snoop Dogg. People started checking for us because they knew we was making money. They know we was printing money."

History shows that Em, Tip and Nas all went on to do great things on their own, but imagine what would've happened if they signed with Master P. "A lot of people just came at me wanting to know what’s up," P said. "People was infatuated with how we did business and how we was able to make money and buy things, which everybody couldn’t do. People were like, 'Man, I need a deal like P. Want to do my own thing.'"

Throughout the interview, the NOLA native also discussed about Tru's fourth studio album, Tru 2 Da Game, as well as his reputation as a lyricist, working with Curren$y, Meek Mill and much more.

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