It's no secret that many stars in Hollywood have to make several attempts at a happily ever after before they strike gold. For quite a few rappers this scenario beams true and at one point, they were forced to file for divorce. Whether due to infidelity, money issues or just the pressures of the music industry; more than a few MCs have called it quits on their marriages.

While some of these splits are more highly publicized, some of them occurred so long ago that many have forgotten the divorces ever happened. Actually, Will Smith had a wife before Jada Pinkett. In 1992, Will married Sheree Fletcher who is the mother of Smith's oldest son, Trey. Rev Run also had a former spouse before his current wife, Justine. In the 1980s, Rev tied the knot with Valerie Vaughn and had his three oldest children (Vanessa, Angela and Jojo Simmons).

While those splits are often passed over, more recent break-ups like Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose take center stage in the media. The couple married in 2013 and parted ways in 2014 because Amber allegedly caught the rapper cheating on her. After several public social media battles, they publicly forgave each other in 2015. Fast forward to the present, and the happily divorced couple is now joking about having a second child.

Wiz included, check out XXL's gallery of rappers that got divorced above.

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