Master P will continue his successful venture in film by releasing his own biopic.

Earlier this week (Jan. 13), the "Ain't Right" rapper revealed that he has signed a new deal with Lionsgate to drop his forthcoming biopic King of the South. In his announcement video on Instagram, Master P, born Percy Miller, confirms that he will produce the film based on his life. He's tapped Menace II Society writer Tyger Williams to pen the script.

"Today we made history!" Master P said in the caption of his video. "Signed one of the biggest deals with LionsGate for the Master P biopic “King of the South IceCream Man”⚜️Salute to the kings that came before me Lil J, Uncle Luke, and Tony Draper. God is good to be able to be alive and tell your story, and have it written by Tyger Williams who did Menace to society. Movies..Movies...Movies 🎥 Go to to get that new drip💧 #WeAllWeGot."

The Master P biopic will highlight the Ice Cream Man’s early childhood and adult years, as he built his music empire, No Limit Records, and took over the music industry in the 1990s. The movie will also include how he learned to hustle his music in Richmond, Calif. and earned a spot as one of the first southern artists to get his music played in New York.

"To still be able to be alive and partner with a major film company [Lionsgate] is definitely history," Master P tells XXL. "To be the first time to have a story come from the South and to have an effect on hip-hop, we changed the game and showed you how to make money from the product."

There's no confirmed release date just yet, but the Tru rapper does give fans a hint about the aspects of his life in the limelight we can expect to see in his biopic. Master P followed up his announcement with a brief video that compiles an array of highlights from the beginning of his career in the Calliope projects of New Orleans to his current hustle as one of the top entrepreneurs in hip-hop.

Watch Master P announce his new deal with Lionsgate and get hype for King of the South with his promo video below.

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