And just like that, the beef is brewing in Harlem. Fresh off Dipset reuniting, and seemingly out of nowhere, Ma$e drops a scathing diss directed at Cam'ron. It gets ugly, with the former Bad Boy rapper tossing out some very scandalous claims.

It's unclear what particular thing got Ma$e riled up. But he's clearly ready for war. "Imagine 20 years with a bitter bitch and same the drama/Dame told you do this shit and you don’t see Dame karma?/K9 on your ass with no distraction/Pussy nigga wearin' pink I guess he think he matchin'/I’ma paint the picture and let the hittas make the caption/Fuck bars I’m tell nigga what really happened," he starts the track off.

Ma$e is definitely going for the jugular on this one, as he tries to discredit his former group mate. "Tax know you as the niggas that snitch on the Roc/D.C. niggas know you as just a nigga they shot/OG niggas don’t have no history with you on the block/And everybody seen the footage I got," he snaps.

He goes on to give particulars about Cam's past beefs and shady ways, and he even makes some very odd sexual claims against Killa. He raps all this over JAY-Z's Blueprint 2 title track.

Cam and Ma$e have had their issues in the past. Most recently, Cam claimed that Ma$e turned to the church to escape violence in the streets. But that was back in March. This right here, though. Whoa!

Check out Ma$e's new diss below.

Ma$e via SoundCloud
Ma$e via SoundCloud

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