Los Angeles (by way of Washington) producer Lophiile drops the new video for "Newno" featuring Nick Grant and singer Moss Kena. The visual was shot by using a handheld camcorder as the artists perform while a grainy surrounds them. It's pretty nostalgic and fits well with the record.

'I'm so out of my mind/I'm a product of grind/Never switching my patterns/This was all by design/They tried to single me out/In such monogamous times/She wants me and my lady/I think she's tryna come by," Grant raps.

"Newno" was released earlier this summer in July. A few weeks ago, Lophiile dropped his Freddie Gibbs-assisted single "Off Top." Both records are off Lophiile's upcoming project.

Nick Grant released his stellar debut album, Return of the Cool, earlier this year. Grant first got his feet wet with his 2016 mixtape ’88, and released his Solange-inspired mixtape, A Seat at the Table (Plus One), later that same year.

Bump "Newno" below.

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