Super producer Timbaland recently announced he will be dropping the new mixtape (yes, mixtape) King Stays King on Christmas. Today, we get a peek inside the package that will available on Dec. 25. Timbo recently debuted the track "The Force (Turn Up)" which features co-production from !llmind. Unveiling the song on Instagram, the Virginia beat maker noted, "The calm before the storm!! Something to hold y'all over before the tape drops!!"

The track is anything but calm with Tim and !ll using bold synths, choppy drums and strange chords to get their point across. The Force, is of course a reference to the recently released blockbuster film Star Wars: The Force Awakens and the cover art for the track also plays on the George Lucas franchise. The song even samples some phrases and sounds from the flick.

Listen to "The Force (Turn Up)," below.

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