Talib Kweli has been in your Twitter timeline recently, probably next to the burgers and chicken thighs. The veteran Brooklyn MC found himself embroiled in a bizarre debate about whether music from artists like him was appropriate fare for barbecue playlists. Apparently unwilling to cede the dog days, he and 9th Wonder drop a single from their Indie 500 project, and they head out to California to find some co-conspirators. "Pay Ya Dues" is a reasonable demand for the trio of seasons to make of the new crop, and Bad Lucc and Problem step in to make sure the youngsters are putting in the requisite work. Produced by Eric G, the song is more vicious than most backyards are equipped to handle. Kweli and 9th have had a close working relationship dating back years, to the time when the North Carolinian was known chiefly for his work with Little Brother.