After Lil Wayne's PSA, he previewed a snippet of his new single "Gotti" featuring The Lox. Wayne seems to be pretty serious about his Dec. 9 release date as he also released the full version of the song. Backed by a dark backdrop and some sinister guitar riffs, Jadakiss and Styles P do their classic back and forth style, setting up Weezy nicely to take over. This is the sharpest we've seen Wayne so far, throwing around lines like, "This what niggas called Diddy Puff, lettin' Biggie bump while I'm sittin' up in that big body / I could show you a dead body / A lot niggas got pitched, and the snitches ended up dead lobsters / Wrapped birds in red tape, call them bitches Red Robins."

"Gotti" follows Wayne's CV singles "Believe Me," "D'usse," and "Krazy."