Lil Tay has been spotted outside for the first time in years. Her appearance in public follows her recent death hoax, which ended up being entirely fabricated.

Lil Tay Seen for First Time Since Death Hoax

On Wednesday (Sept. 27), Lil Tay was spotted arriving at Los Angeles International Airport, marking her first public sighting since her virality ended back in 2018. It was also Tay's first outing since news spread of her death last month.

In a video shared by TMZ, Tay didn't say much as paparazzi peppered her with questions. She donned a mask, sunglasses and a hood covering almost her entire face. She was led to a waiting car by her brother, Jason, and her mother, Angela, as well as two security guards.

The Canada-based social media personality teased the trip on Tuesday (Sept. 26) by sharing a picture of her passport on her Instagram Story.

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Lil Tay Was Reported Dead Last Month

News broke of Lil Tay's death on Aug. 9, with a statement being shared on her Instagram account. However, Tay and her brother later came out and confirmed they were very much alive, with Tay saying her IG was "compromised by a 3rd party and used to spread jarring misinformation and rumors regarding me."

Additionally, attorney Fraser MacLean followed up with a statement on Aug. 18 that was shared on behalf of Tay's mother Angela Tian. It read in part that MacLean Law had helped obtain primary custody for Angela Tian, and said moving forward Tay would be fully living with her mother.

Tay criticized her father Christopher J. Hope on Instagram on Tuesday (Sept. 26), labeling him an "abusive racist misogynistic woman beating father."

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Watch the video of Lil Tay arriving at LAX below.

Watch Video of Lil Tay Arriving at LAX

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