Controversial pre-teen Lil Tay's social media presence vanished over the summer, with her Twitter and Instagram accounts no longer producing new content. On Saturday (Oct. 20), her IG account came alive with several uploads being posted, which included some scandalous allegations against her father. Also included were details about XXXTentacion being a positive force in Lil Tay's life and information that he was trying to help the troubled kid before his untimely death.

The IG posts were put up by someone who has previously worked with Tay, according to the initial post, and allege a cycle of mental and physical abuse at the hands of her father, Christopher Hope. In eight very lengthy Instagram posts, the anonymous person lays out a timeline of Tay's recent troubles with her father.

According to the final post, Tay's father prohibited his daughter from going to visit XXX for a charity event he was planning. Tay would've arrived to Florida on the day XXX was killed, to which the Instagram posts claim the late rapper would still be alive if Tay was allowed to visit him.

"While all this drama with Christopher John Hope and Tay was going on, @xxxtentacion was collaborating with Tay to run charity events, by using her following to spread positive messages, starting with a charity event that was supposed to take place in Florida," the person writing on Lil Tay's Instagram wrote as the caption for a screenshot of a FaceTime conversion between X and Tay. "X got Tay and her Mom 2 plane tickets to Florida on June 18th, but Christopher John Hope refused to allow her to be a part of this event claiming that XXXTENTACION would be a negative influence on her life because of his past history. Many of the things he’s said about X were disgusting and horrible, when in reality X was one of Tay’s biggest inspirations. X knew about Tay’s current situation and was trying his hardest to help Tay."

The post goes on to claim X's death might have not happened had the trip not been prevented. "Since Christopher John Hope didn’t allow Tay to go to Florida, instead of going to the airport to pick Tay and her Mom up to plan for the Charity, X decided to go to the motorcycle dealership last minute after Christopher John Hope stopped everything," th caption continues. "If Christopher John Hope had let Tay go to Florida on June 18th X would have been at the airport instead of the motorcycle dealership, and wouldve possibly not have been setup on June 18th. It’s all so sad because X’s last post announced the Charity event that was going to take place before Chris stopped things last minute. Christopher John Hope in a way contributed to X being set up."

Following X's death, Tay hopped on social media in tears claiming the 17 rapper was the only person who understood her and gave her encouragement.

There's a lot to unpack here. If you'd like to dive down that rabbit hole, check out the posts below.

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