Lil Tay may have been outed as another viral star gone wrong but that certainly isn’t stopping the self-proclaimed “world’s youngest flexer" from doing her thing.

Early Monday afternoon (May 21), TMZ spotted the 9-year-old accompanied by her entourage in West Hollywood. When asked about her rumored million-dollar deal with Tunes Audio headphones, the social media sensation didn’t hesitate to shade the cameras. "Yeah, you know what it is, Lil Tay be closing million-dollar deals," she responded in her signature pitch while wearing the headphones around her neck.

"Why you asking bro?" she continued. "You behind on your rent?" Lil Tay walked off as the cameraman attempted to ask about 6ix9ine. You may remember the Brooklyn rapper was offered a $5 million dollar deal by Tunes Audio as well, but after word got out he was involved in a shooting incident the deal was no longer on the table.

This all comes nearly a week after it was revealed that Tay’s mother, Angela Tian, had reportedly lost her job due to her daughter’s controversial Instagram antics. According to an initial report, Tian was forced to resign from her Vancouver real estate job after they discovered she had been accessing client’s homes and cars as a way to boost her daughter’s social media following.

Apparently, the scheme began after Tian asked her former boss to allow her to take a few photos of her children with his Mercedes 500 SL. Instead of just using the vehicle for an innocent and stagnant photo, Tay broke out on the internet with the help of his fancy whip and a foul mouth. Despite the fact that Tay’s persona has been outed, she is seemingly forging onward and refusing to give up the facade.

Check out the brief clip of Lil Tay setting the record straight below. —Kai Miller

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