Since releasing his 2017 single "Gucci Gang," Lil Pump has embarked on a wild, successful journey with his rap career. The Miami-bred rapper, born Gazzy Garcia, has experienced plenty of ups and some downs over the the past three years, both onstage and off.

During his career, the 2018 XXL Freshman artist has never backed down, even when challenged by authority and during run-ins with the police. Case in point: back in December of 2018, Pump had an intense showdown with cops at Miami International Airport that was captured on video. In the same month, the Harverd Dropout rapper found himself in a Denmark jail after giving Scandinavian police the middle finger.

When Pump is not challenging authority, he's confronting rude fans. At his Connecticut show in 2017, he screamed at a person who threw a plastic bottle at him during his performance. If that wasn't enough, he then threw the microphone right in the fan's face, which sparked a huge brawl inside the venue.

Some of Pump's wildest moments also happened on social media. One of the most outrageous moments on his Instagram page occurred in November of 2018, when he decided to urinate on his money. Yes, he did that. Then, the "Racks on Racks" rapper reportedly fired his manager because they wouldn't help Pump pick up the soiled currency.

In the end, when it comes to Lil Pump's eccentric personality he's certainly a wild one. So XXL decided to put together a list of Lil Pump's wildest moments in his rap career. Some of his antics are hilarious while others are downright bizarre. Take a look for yourself below.

  • Escapes From California Wildfires

    In November of 2018, Lil Pump went through one of the most wildest and scariest moments of his career. A wildfire erupted in Calabasas, Calif., and the flames soon approached the rapper's lavish mansion. In a series of videos he shared on his Instagram page, Pump had to immediately evacuate from his home when he spotted the fire was in his backyard. Surprisingly, the 2018 XXL Freshman kept his cool and joked about the situation.

    "This is Channel 5 News, we are reporting," he said in one video. "There is a huge fire in my backyard in Calabasas." In a follow-up clip, Pump packs up his stuff and flees from his home. "Yo, we really got to evacuate now," he shared. "Yeah, bitch, that's how you know you rich. Ain't no broke nigga houses burning down. It's only that rich nigga shit. My house ’bout to burn down, bitch." Thankfully, Pump managed to escape the wildfires and relocate to a safe area.

  • Sends a Weed Balloon Into the Sky So God Can Smoke

    After surviving the California wildfires, Lil Pump wanted to send a thank you to God for ensuring the rapper's safety. So Pump hopped on his Instagram account and filmed himself sending a balloon with a bag of marijuana attached to it into the sky.

    "Alright guys, this is some bud," Pump said in the clip. "I'm ’bout to send it up there so God can smoke." Although the Miami rapper's care package to the Almighty was well-intentioned, the weed ballon probably fell into the hands of a lucky stranger. Nevertheless, Lil Pump was thankful to still be alive and have plenty of bud to smoke.

  • Ends Performance After Being Hit With Bottle, Riot Ensues

    In December of 2017, Lil Pump was rocking the mic at a concert in Connecticut when a fan threw a plastic bottle at him. This prompted the "Gucci Gang" rapper to stop the show and confront the culprit. "That was you? You think your[sic] funny? Come up here and do that shit, pussy," Pump screamed at the offender before throwing the microphone right in his face.

    The incident sparked a brawl in the crowd with Pump's hype man jumping in and attacking the bottle-thrower as well. Meanwhile, the Miami rapper walked off the stage in a huff and ended the show, which made the crowd even more angry. But it looked like Pump had a terrible day overall. Before hitting the stage, he was kicked out of his Connecticut hotel room.

  • Pees on Cash in a Stairwell

    In what is arguably the most wildest thing he has likely done on social media, Lil Pump recorded himself urinating on wads of currency two years ago. Yes, he did that. In November of 2018, while on his European tour, Pump launched an ill-fated “Piss On a Hunnid Bandz Challenge” on his Instagram page, which sounds exactly like you think it does. For the challenge, the “Racks on Racks" rapper threw plenty of cash down some stairs and then urinated on the money. He reportedly picked up the money afterward and allegedly fired his manager for not assisting him in retrieving the soiled currency.

  • Lil Pump Look-Alikes Invade 2019 Grammy Awards

    To promote his debut album, Harverd Dropout, Lil Pump decided to go all out at the 2019 Grammy Awards event, which took place at Los Angeles’ Staples Center on Feb. 10, 2019. The rapper brought in a busload of Lil Pump look-alikes to crash the awards ceremony. The doppelgängers donned matching “Be Like Me” black-and-white-colored sweatsuits and colorful dreadlocks as well.

    Although the look-alikes weren’t able to enter the Staples Center, they did take selfies with shocked fans who were standing outside the venue. In one photo, the Pump look-alikes took a picture with a woman walking a donkey.

    Gabe Shaddow
    Gabe Shaddow
  • Lands in Denmark Jail After Taunting Police

    During his career, Lil Pump has had multiple run-ins with police at the airport. On Dec. 8, 2018, the "Gucci Gang" artist was detained in Copenhagen, Denmark after police reportedly found him to be in possession of marijuana—an illegal drug in the country. During the incident, Pump gave cops the middle finger and dared them to throw him in jail,  which they did.

    After spending a night behind bars, he was released after paying an $800 fine. Additionally, Pump was ordered to leave the country immediately. In an IG clip, Pump told his fans he was banned from the country. "We banned from Denmark, but I don't give a fuck!" he said in the video.

  • Loses $100,000 Ring While Golfing

    In what could have been a very costly blunder, Lil Pump lost a $100,000 ring while golfing at Miami's Top Golf venue in Miami on March 22, 2019. Apparently, the ring flew off his finger while he was teeing off. In a video posted on Twitter, Top Golf staff walk around the golf course looking for the six-figure drip. Luckily, a Top Golf staffer found Pump's diamond bauble. "I just found my fucking ring," Pump shouted with glee. "That shit went from all the way up there to all the way down here. $100,000 ring, I just got it back."

  • Gets Into Shouting Match With Miami Police

    Back in December of 2018, Lil Pump had a run-in with Miami-Dade police at Miami International Airport. According to a video obtained by Real World Police and published on YouTube in April of 2019, cops pulled Pump and his manager off a boarding plane to ask them questions after TSA discovered a bag in their possession that smelled like marijuana and was "mistagged." What followed was a heated shouting match between Pump and an officer who attempted to pin the bag that reportedly smelled like weed on the Miami rapper. Although the police told Pump's manager that he could leave, they later arrested him for interfering with the officer's conversation with Pump.

    Subsequently, both men found themselves arrested on disorderly conduct charges. After the incident, Pump announced that he's planning to sue Miami-Dade PD for mistreatment during their interaction. In February of 2019, the state attorney in Miami-Dade decided to drop the disorderly conduct charge against the two men.

  • Suffers Bite From a Snake and Freaks Out

    Lil Pump had an unfortunate incident while holding a snake. In November of 2019, the Lamborghini-loving rapper shared a video on his Instagram account of himself on the set of his "Illuminati" music video, which included a bunch of snakes. A handler then gives Pump a snake to hold and suddenly the serpent swings around and bites him on his left hand between his index finger and thumb. The incident left Pump freaking out as his hand was gushing out blood. "I just got bit by a snake WTF," he wrote in the caption of the vid with a snake emoji. "I can't fuck [with] no snakes. I hope I don't die."

  • Smokes a Blunt While Pumping Gas, Doesn’t See It as a Problem

    In a truly bizarre and potentially dangerous moment, Lil Pump filmed himself on Instagram smoking a blunt while pumping gas into his car. He even blew smoke right into the nozzle of the gas pump. Of course, most people know that fire and gasoline don't mix, so smoking a lit doobie at a gas station is not a good idea. But for Pump, he didn't see it as a big deal. "We do that on the regular," Pump told TMZ when asked about the controversial video. "I've seen people in my comments like, 'What's wrong with you?' and I'm like, 'There's something wrong with that?'"

  • Arrested for Firing a Gun at Home and Making False 911 Call

    In a wild moment earlier in his rap career, Lil Pump was arrested for allegedly firing a gun inside his home in San Fernando Valley, Calif. According to a TMZ report published on Feb. 15, 2018, a then-17-year-old Pump reportedly fired a .38 Glock handgun inside his home and then called 911 to claim that three intruders tried to break into his home. Police were reportedly suspicious of Pump’s story and found that the bullet hole was shot from within the house, not outside.

    Officers then secured a search warrant and found the handgun in question in the bushes outside of Pump's residence. Police also seized cannabis in his home. Subsequently, the rhymer was arrested and charged with illegal discharge of a firearm. The "Gucci Gang" rapper was later released and required by law to wear an ankle bracelet. “We got rich lawyers, the best lawyers in the planet,” he said after his release from jail.

  • Teams Up With Kanye West for NSFW "I Love It" Video

    Lil Pump appeared alongside Kanye West in his NSFW video for “I Love It,” which he debuted at the inaugural Pornhub Awards in September 2018. The clip, directed by Kanye West and Amanda Adelson, and executive produced by Spike Jones, features ’Ye and the "Esskeetit" rapper dressed in massive box costumes. Kanye is sporting a large “Donda” chain and oversized Yeezy slides while Lil Pump is rocking a silver chain and oversized Yeezy kicks. The dynamic duo would later take their blocky costumes and sexualized lyrics to Saturday Night Live. During their SNL performance, Kanye and Pump rocked outfits resembling bottles of Perrier and Fiji Water, respectively. You gotta love it.

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