While everyone was enjoying the Grammy Awards festivities at Los Angeles' Staples Center on Sunday (Feb. 10), Lil Pump decided to promote his upcoming debut album, Harverd Dropout, at the event in a rather unique way. To do so, the 18-year-old rapper brought a busload of Lil Pump look-alikes to invade the awards ceremony.

Pump’s doppelgängers arrived at the Grammys in a big purple Harverd Dropout-imprinted bus and made their way to the grand entrance wearing matching "Be Like Me" black-and-white-colored sweatsuits. The look-alikes also wore colorful dreadlocks like the Lamborghini-loving rapper as well.

Attendees and onlookers were shocked by the onslaught of the Lil Pump army, but they quickly gravitated towards them so they could get a selfie with the very genial Pump look-alikes.

We are about a week away before Lil Pump delivers his debut album Harverd Dropout. The collection boasts the hit singles, “I Love It” (featuring Kanye West), “Racks on Racks” and “Esskeetit.”

Lil Pump, whose real name is Gazzy Garcia, has big plans for 2019. The 2018 XXL Freshman will hit the stage alongside Smokepurpp and Gucci Mane as the rap trio Gucci Gang at 2019 Coachella Music and Arts Festival in April.

Lil Pump's Harverd Dropout will arrive in digital stores on Feb. 22.

Check out Lil Pump and his Harverd Dropout movement below.

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