Lil Pump is showing off the results of his new workout regimen with some before and after weight loss photos.

On Tuesday (Jan. 31), Lil Pump hit up Instagram to prove to his 14.7 million followers that he has been putting in the work in the gym. In the side-by-side photo carousel below, one can clearly tell that the Miami rapper is living a much cleaner lifestyle these days as is evidenced by his recent weight loss.

The before and after images find Lil Pump with a clearer, more tan and much healthier skin color. However, the most glaring evidence of a vastly improved Pump is a slimmer, significantly more toned physique. He's definitely lost what one would have previously described as a pot belly in exchange for a streamlined midriff.

Additionally, the new and improved Lil Pump photos give off vibes of an entirely different demeanor for the South Florida native when compared to the photos he shared before he began his new workout routine.

In the first "before" picture on the IG slides, Pump is seemingly glaring off into the distance while in the second, he's slightly hunched over with an apathetic look on his face. As for the two "after" photos, Lil Pump can be seen playing to the camera with a prideful grin in one slide while fiercely looking on in the other with an expression of focus and determination.

"Looking good, feeling better," wrote the obviously more physically fit version of the "Gucci Gang" spitter in the Instagram post's caption. "Working out is my new addiction. Should I go keep going?"

Lil Pump's newfound emphasis on his physical health follows a long time of well-publicized drug use, a lifestyle that he has been trying to change for years. All the way back in 2018, he declared that he was quitting prescription pills and "leaving Xanax in 2017." Then, more than 18 months later, Pump announced that he was putting down his cup of lean for good.

“Yo guys, I’m making an announcement," said Lil Pump on Instagram in June of 2019, "I don’t sip no more lean at all. I don’t do no more drugs, fuck all that.”

Lil Pump's before and after weight loss photos come just three days after video footage surfaced of the Miami artist giving an overzealous fan the shoes off of his feet before the kid immediately tried to sell the sneakers for $1,000.

See Lil Pump's Before and After Weight Loss Photos Below

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