Lil Pump loves his fans. So much so, that he bought a fan a new pair of sneakers after losing a game of rock paper scissors.

On Sunday (May 29), Lil Pump jumped on his Instagram page and posted a video of himself interacting with one of his fans. In the clip, the Miami rapper was out shopping at a luxury sneaker store when a crowd started gathering outside. A young fan outside the store challenged the “Gucci Gang” rapper to a game of rock paper scissors for a free pair of kicks.

Pump was up for the challenge and played the game with the kid. After a tie, Pump threw down a paper and was cut by the fan’s scissors to lose the game. Thankfully, Lil Pump is not a sore loser.

The 21-year-old artist invited the young kid into the store so he could cop some kicks. The fan ultimately picked what looked like a pair of black paisley Nike dunks, of which Pump acknowledged that he owns a pair himself. “[You're] a smart kid,” Pump told the genuinely happy fan. “I got those same ones. We match.”

In the caption, a voice-activated text reader said, “Love interacting with my supporters.”

Lil Pump is always interacting with his fans wherever he goes. Earlier this month, while performing at the Metro Metro festival in Montreal, Canada, the "Butterfly Doors" rapper brought a fan in a wheelchair onstage so he could rock out to his anthemic track, "D. Rose." The fan, Woody Belfort, wowed the crowd with his puppet dance moves and bench pressing himself while he was in his wheelchair. If you missed it, check it out below.

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