Lil Jon is never shy about giving over-the-top performances, and his new music video for his "Alive" record matches true to that. The new visuals, which feature Offset and 2 Chainz, dive into an epic animated world for the three hip-hop stars.

The video stars off by taking us into a mega mansion where the cartoon version of the veteran hitmaker sits on a large bed filled with naked models. He then travels through a fantasy world that features him dipping inside of a champagne bottle before we catch an animated, shrunken Offset laying on top of a nude women. Another shot shows him rapping as luxury cars circle around his head.

Chainz wraps up the video by flying through the air like a superhero in an extravagant blue fur coat and signature chains.

Lil Jon originally dropped off "Alive two months ago, where he told XXL that he wanted to create something with more energy than what's been coming out these days.

“I went in the lab wanting to do something current but with energy," Lil Jon told us. "Most hip-hop songs today don’t have a lot of energy."

Check out the epic set of visuals for Lil Jon's "Alive" record with Offset and 2 Chainz below.

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